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The Thief on 6th: A Lesson in Compassion

13 Sep 2018 / in Blog

Friday Night: Austin, Texas It’s around 3 am. My friend Katelyn and I make our way back to our car after a night of dancing downtown. I clutch my purse tightly to my side, trying to brave the night’s chill with a few of the other stragglers stumbling away from the bars. Unnoticed by me, […]

5 Ways to Maintain a Positive Attitude in a Negative Work Environment

12 Sep 2018 / in Blog

Do you wake up every morning absolutely stoked to go to work? Have you never had a bad day at the office or felt at your wit’s end? Do you have the perfect job with a perfect boss and a perfect work environment? If your answers to these three questions are yes, then congratulations! You […]

7 Steps to Fulfilling Your New Year’s Resolutions – Guaranteed!

12 Sep 2018 / in Blog

New Year’s resolutions are like that one family member you only see around Christmas time; you get together at the end of the year, have great conversations and promise to talk to each other more often before bidding each other goodbye, only to repeat the process again next Christmas. Nobody makes resolutions with the intention […]

Corporate Vs. Startup: How These 5 Major Differences Affect YOU

12 Sep 2018 / in Blog

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Corporate’? Do you imagine something like this? What about ‘Startup’? These stereotypes can shape the way we consider job opportunities, even though they don’t always hold true. For example, a corporate office can be exciting and innovative with employee autonomy and amazing benefits, while even […]

Take it With a Grain of Salt… 5 Reasons Not to Care About What Others Think of Your Dream

12 Sep 2018 / in Blog

When I decided to drop out of college at the age of 20 to start a tech company called Digiality, most of my extended family thought I was crazy. “Go back to Pepperdine and get a degree!” They cried. “No one will respect a college dropout.” “Why can’t you just get a normal job?” They’d […]

4 Powerful Ways to Gain Confidence and Silence Your Inner Critic

12 Sep 2018 / in Blog

I never thought I would learn a life lesson from a dessert making show, but ‘Zumbo’s Just Desserts’ has proven me wrong. Set in a Willy Wonka style dessert making factory, the show’s 12 contestants compete for the title of ‘Best Dessert Maker’ and $100,000. It is sugarcoated madness and truly binge worthy. But behind […]

‘What in the WORLD Should I Do With My Life?’: How to Identify Your Skills and Choose an Industry You’ll Excel in

12 Sep 2018 / in Blog

If you’re like me, you were probably asked this question a lot when you were young: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This seemingly harmless inquiry always came from my parents’ well meaning friends who assumed that I’d have my life figured out by the time I was 10. And back […]

URGENT: Stop the FCC From RUINING our Internet

12 Sep 2018 / in Blog

Please read this whole article, do the action items below, and share it so we can raise awareness! Our internet as we know it is in grave danger. What is happening? On December 14th, leadership in the Federal Communications Commission will try to force a vote on their plan to end Net Neutrality. What is […]

Hiding in Plain Sight: 13 Questions Every Extrovert Should Ask Themselves

12 Sep 2018 / in Blog

When I first moved to Austin, Texas, I became an extreme extrovert; I went to every Meetup I could find, every open social event available and made as many friends as possible in my new city. I surrounded myself with noise and drinks and then fell into bed every night, exhausted. Distracting myself with a […]

6 Tactics to Combat Unprofessional Behavior in Professional Settings (AKA: “Where’s Your Wedding Ring?”)

12 Sep 2018 / in Blog

*Names have been changed. This is a true story. “Hi! I’m *Andrew.” The beanpole-thin sales guy in his early 30’s said, holding out his hand to me. I shook it and introduced myself as my boss walked over with another Moscow Mule. Andrew’s smile widened as his hand lingered in mine before I uncomfortably pulled […]