How I Got Here – Continued

Once we came back from Nashville, I was just itching to go back. I had the recording bug and I couldn’t wait to start again. So then in November, it was time to go back again! But of course, cause it always works like this, I got sick the day before we left. Fever, exhaustion, everything. So while I was hacking on the plane, my mom was praying that I would get better in time to record.

Long story short, We got to Nashville and I was sicker than ever. We met with the producers, Tommy Collier (worked with Katy Perry), and Jim Cooper, and they decided that I was going to record only the guitar tracks that day. So that’s what I did, to the best of my sick abillity anyway. The next day I was feeling a little better, but I was overwhelmed! We had to record 8 songs in 6 days. I was a little freaked out!

It was crazy what happened next…

(To be continued)