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The Line

By day, we fight for women’s rights, By night we turn out all the lights And pretend that the fantasy is fine, How do we stand against what has been normalized? By day, we respect what’s inside, By night, we’re all objectified We can’t seem to make up our minds If what we want is […]

Digging Graves for Ghosts

If you had called I would’ve come, If you had knocked, the door would be opened, If you had stayed it’d be us till the end, But I’ll probably never see you again. If you’d’ve looked, you’d catch my eye, If you’d said jump the sound of your voice would get me high, If you’d’ve […]


Take my hand, I know you’re feeling lonely tonight, It’s fine, I don’t feel a thing. Take my heart, I know yours has a couple of scars, It’s fine, I didn’t need it anyway. Truth is it’s already yours, truth is I think you know that too, Truth is I’d be lying if I told […]

Only See My Body (Don’t See Me)

I’ve become jaded from years of watching guys watch me, I wonder what they really see, How many care that there’s more underneath, there’s more to me. Trust has faded, I want to believe in good intentions, But every guy I meet has expectations, And if I don’t meet them has his time been wasted […]

Better Friend

Look at you my friend, how lovely you are, Do you see what I see in you? You’re smart, you’re funny, how cherished you are, But you only care about what you can’t do. If the girl in the mirror was the child you used to be, Would you be a better friend to you? […]