My Story : How I Got Here (Continued)

When I finally realized that maybe acting wasnt going to work out at the time, I decided to start looking into pursuing my music professionally. By then, I had started to write songs, and slowly but surely was starting to become better as a singer, and songwriter. Through a friend of my mom’s, we met a music manager who set us up with a music producer. Ironically we ended up not even going with the manager, but worked with the music producer anyway.

The music producer’s name was Michael Duff, and he quickly became like a second dad to me. We recorded two songs that I had written and got to work trying to get them discover. Well what we ‘discovered’ is that getting your songs heard is A LOT harder then we thought. We did a cute music video with Michael’s amazing wife, Denice which was so much fun to make, and yet things just wern’t picking up.

But then, something happened…

(To Be Continued)