My Story : How I Got Here (Continued)

If I thought my days of being bullied were over, I was sadly mistaken. It actually got so much worse. Don’t get me wrong, I did have a couple friends who were awesome, and who supported me and encouraged me, but it seemed everywhere I stepped was an activated land mine. People I barely knew felt it was there duty in life to make me miserable, to make me feel terrible about my self. For the longest time, I thought I was ugly, boring, and overall hated. Let’s just say it was not fun.

Though the bullying was awful, I did have an escape. Singing. Yes I did come to California to be an actress, and I threw myself into that pursuit whole heartedly, but when I didn’t get jobs, or an audition went horribly, I would sing. At first it wasn’t even my own songs, but songs that other people wrote that affected me, and that connected me on a personal level. Because of that time, I realized why I want to help people connect with my music. So they could get an escape through it just like I did.

But things eventually got better…

(To Be Continued)