My Story – How I Got Here

Coming home from such an amazing experience was like bursting a bubble. I walked into my front door and realized, ‘Well it’s back to real life I guess.’ That realization hit me hard. The need that I felt to go back to California was overwhelming. I didn’t know how to handel it. My mom obviously felt the same way, cause that very night, she started talking to my dad about moving to California.

My dad thought she was nuts. Absolutely psypho. Off the rocker. Whatever cliché you want to put there, that’s how he felt. He asked her many times, ‘Why would you want to leave, when we have everything here?’ And she said, ‘We have an oppertunity to support Breanna’s dream, and we need to take it!’ (I know, what an awesome mom right?) So that was the start of about 9 months of constant tension, and cold silence. They were not in a good place. But my mom held out and finally my dad agreed to give it a try for a couple weeks. Little did we know that a couple weeks would turn into a couple years!


(To Be Continued)