My Story – Where I Come From (Continued)

After talking about it some more (which was all we ever did, it seemed), my dad finally agreed to let me go in the January competition. I was so excited! Finally somewhere I could do something that I REALLY loved to do!

We went to the head of the agency in Chicago and talked to him about me entering. Though I would be coming in late, he agreed to let me go on and take classes to get ready for the competition in California. Classes were incredible! I was finally with people my age who liked to do the exact same thing that I did. It was almost like a healing process. I knew that I could be liked as a friend, I just had to get with the right group! We trained for months, (Walking the runway, sitcom auditions, Team Sing, everything) until it was finally time to board the plane to Los Angeles….

(To Be Continued)