My Story – Where I Come From (Continued)

Though acting was my main focus, I was still a singer at heart. Singing was something I had always prided myself in, something I took for granted. So it was only natural at the time to think that I made it into the solo sing competition. In fact, I was so sure I wasn’t even nervous. But once I checked the board three times and my name wasn’t there, I was crushed.

Don’t get me wrong, I did a compeition called team sing, but not making the solo sing section  made me doubt my ability. After hearing I didn’t make solo, my team and I did team sing with the song ‘Find Your Grail’ from Spamalot. We were a hit!

Since that was at the end of the week, the next day was awards. And the results would change my life forever…

(To Be Continued)