URGENT: Stop the FCC From RUINING our Internet

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Our internet as we know it is in grave danger.

What is happening?

On December 14th, leadership in the Federal Communications Commission will try to force a vote on their plan to end Net Neutrality.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality was established by the Obama Administration in 2015 under Title II. It is a set of rules put into place that forces telecommunication companies to treat the internet as a utility rather than a service. If you buy internet as a utility, you have access to everything on the internet at the same speed as everyone else. As a utility provider, telecommunication companies are seen as ‘common carriers’ rather than ‘information providers’. This means that they cannot create different tiers of access based on how much you pay, preventing them from slowing your internet speed or stopping you from visiting certain sites. Net Neutrality was put into place to prevent monopolies from forming around the access to the internet.

What happens if Net Neutrality is repealed?

Imagine telecommunications companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T, as gatekeepers to the internet. Right now, we pay one monthly fee to enter the gate at any time and go anywhere we want at the fastest speed possible. If Net Neutrality is repealed, these gatekeepers would be able to ask where we want to go, and charge us for going there. They would be able to ask how fast we want to get there, and charge us for the speed. Entering their gate will be treated as a service they offer, giving them the power to control what we can access and how fast we access it based on how much we pay them. They would also be able to direct internet traffic to sites that have paid or partnered with them, creating barriers to entry for small competitors like startups looking to break into the space.

Why is this happening?

The FCC fact sheet gives the apparent ‘reasoning’ behind this repeal, stating that, ‘New services have been delayed or scuttled by a regulatory environment that stifles innovation.’ What this really means is that the telecommunication companies are losing money. People aren’t watching as much cable TV. Increasingly fewer people have home phones. Internet access is almost more important on cell phones than actual calling and texting capabilities. Not being able to charge more for internet access seemed like a missed opportunity to the telecommunication companies and their investors to bolster their profits in an increasingly internet based market.

Why is this REALLY bad?

The internet is the most powerful platform on earth. It has made innovation possible, information unlimited, and opportunities abundant, while also giving free speech the ultimate stage. Repealing net neutrality will change all of that. Barriers of entry will be established against those who cannot afford access to all of the internet’s resources. Massive and notoriously corrupt corporations will be able to direct internet traffic at their discretion, essentially having the power of censorship. These companies will monopolize the access to the internet, giving them the ability to control, monitor, and charge us increasingly more for what used to be, essentially free.

Why should I care?

If you have EVER used the internet, you should care. Imagine if every time you logged onto the internet, it looked like this?

The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, create and collaborate and it is being threatened by corporate executives, lobbyists and politicians looking to control our access to information and extract as much money from us as possible. It is up to YOU and ME to make our voices heard and do everything in our power to SAVE OUR INTERNET.

What can I do?: (ACTION ITEMS)



The FCC: (202)418-1000

Ajit Pai (The Commissioner pushing the repeal): (202)518-7399

Michael O’Reilly (In the FCC): (301)657-9092

Brendan Carr (In the FCC): (202)719-7305

Leave this message: Hi, my name is _____. I am calling in solidarity with the millions of Americans who are asking that you do NOT repeal net neutrality, which is essential for protecting free speech, organizing, business and innovation. Please vote for the will of the people, not for the wealth of the corporations.


The President: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Ajit Pai: Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov

Michael O’Reilly: Mike.O’reilly@fcc.gov

Brendan Carr: brendan.Carr@fcc.gov

File an OFFICIAL FCC Comment SUPPORTING Net Neutrality – openinternet@fcc.gov.

FCC Members That Already Support Net Neutrality

Mignon Clyburn: Mignon.Clyburn@fcc.gov

Jessica Rosenworcel: jessica.Rosenworcel@fcc.gov


@realDonaldTrump – Don’t let the FCC repeal Net Neutrality. Please listen to the voices of Americans! #netneutrality #Iamnotabot

@ajitpaifcc – Don’t repeal Net Neutrality. Please listen to the voices of Americans! #netneutrality #Iamnotabot

@brendancarrfcc – Don’t repeal Net Neutrality. Please listen to the voices of Americans! #netneutrality #Iamnotabot


Battle for the Net Petition

Save the Internet Petition

Attend a Protest:

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Don’t wait on the sidelines while our way of life is being threatened by lobbyists and corrupt politicians. Do your part TODAY to protect net neutrality!

Originally published November 19th, 2017 on bevalyouable.com